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Crash, Bang, etc...

15 May 2007 - 5:40pm -- Joseph

Last Saturday started rather strangely, as we were roused from bed by a loud bang which turned out to be Sylvester's car being hit by a taxi. A Taxi slammed right into his driver door as he was waiting to turn left. Fortunately he's almost completely unhurt (a few grazes and a headache), but you wouldn't believe it to look at the car.

Ironically, I think he was saved from any serious injuries by the fact that he wasn't wearing his seatbelt (nobody wears seatbelts here). The belt would have held him into the impact of the car, probably resulting in broken ribs and internal injuries (that's my theory anyway). As it was he lunged into the (thankfully empty) passenger seat. He lost consciousness for a time and was taken to hospital, but he regained consciousness before he got there. He was checked out for fractures and concussion and everything seems fine.

In the grand sceme of things, I'm not sure starting your weekend by being hit by a speeding taxi can exactly be described as lucky (like birds crapping on you, what's lucky about that?), but certainly he's fortunate to of emerged relatively unscathed.

I'm looking forward to driving on the regulated roads of Britain again, and yes mum, I'll still wear my seatbelt...

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