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12 April 2007 - 3:57pm -- Joseph

So, three British teams in the final four of the Champions League ® then. I'm not sure it proves that the Premier League is the greatest league in the world or anything, but it is rather gratifying. For a start, it guarantees a British team (okay, okay, English team, who am I kidding) in the final for the third year in a row.

Not bad.

Also, there is the possibility of an all-English final. I have to say, impressive though that would be, it's not an appetising thought. Champions League™ ® finals are usually pretty dull affairs (2005 being a notable exception). If there's an English team in the final, at least I have someone definite to root for. If there's two English sides, what then? I suppose I follow my ABC's (Anyone But Chelsea)...

Anyway, let's not talk too soon. After their demolition of Roma this week, everyone seems to think that Man Utd are going to walk over AC Milan. You can talk about ageing defences all you like, AC Milan are never a pushover, and Man Utd. can't play the game of their lives every week...

Well, we'll see. Much as I dislike purple Fergie sometimes, anther European Cup and the regaining of the Premiership might just persuade the old codger to quit while he's ahead. Or not... Also, it'd be quite interesting to see what Abromovich does if Mourinho wins the Champions League™ ® © and/or retains the Premiership ™ ® , can they still sack him then? as for Liverpool, well, I'm rooting for them really. A sixth European Cup would be impressive (and make them unbearable, no doubt...) and might just persuade one Samuel Eto'o Fils to make a move to Merseyside (if rumours are to be believed). That's be cool. If he wants to pop around to ours for Pepper soup, he's welcome, we've got the recipe...

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