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Pirates on the Horizon

26 April 2007 - 3:25pm -- Joseph

I've just spent a day (in between teaching, programming and watching an all-English Champions League™ ® semi) trying to download a quicktime of the trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd have wasted precious time and download speed on downloading a trailer of the third film in a series based on a Disney fairground ride on a connection that starts the day slowish and grinds to a halt from there, I'd have told you that you were mad as a box of frogs. But, ah, yes but.

When Pirates first came out, it sounded dreadful; a Disney action film based on a Disney ride? Please... But then, Johnny Depp was in it, who's always a joy to watch, (even in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I thought was a bit rubbish.) When Hev had her pacemaker changed last year, and was house bound for time as a result, she got out a load of DVD's from the library (one week loan! Up yours, Blockbusters...). Amongst these was the first Pirates film. I'd heard Johhny Depp's was great in it, so I watched it with her. It was pretty good, a bit overlong, but not so you mind, overall quite fun.

The second film came out just as we were leaving the country, so we were too busy to go see it. Hev was desperate to see it though, so I bought it on DVD and had my parents for bring it out when they cam in January. The second film's too long to, and does sag a little at a couple of points, but overall it builds well on the characters, and is a lot of fun - Captain Jack is a wonderful creation. Since then we've been Pirates addicts. This may be down to the relatively restricted collection of films we have at our disposal here, certainly it's a source of some pain to me that my dear wife doesn't like The Big Lebowski (it's been tough but we're working through it). Whatever, there's Pirates on the horizon and we can't wait.

Hence the day of frustration, desperately trying to download a trailer that would've downloaded in minutes on broadband at home. Ah, Broadband, sigh...

I have to say that the third movie looks pretty good. It may just be an excellent piece of trailer making, and it's possible that the grand scale of things will destroy the dynamics between the characters that have been the core of the films so far, but I have a feeling that though the scale will increase (and the lines between good guys and bad guys become more defined, unfortunately), it'll still have that sense of fun that made the first two watchable. Also, I presume we'll still be treated to Captain Jack talking bombastic nonsense, savvy?

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