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Rabies Injections are a Doddle

25 April 2007 - 4:44pm -- Joseph

I completed my course of rabies injections this week, having been bitten by dog back in January. This was the final injection of a course of six, administered on days 0, 3, 7, 14, 28 (or 30, depending which instructions you were following) and 90 after the incident of possible (but probably not) infection. I mention this because I'd previously heard from a few people that Rabies injections were terrible, really painful,etc. I think one story involved an elderly member of a family refusing the injection entirely, preferring to take her chances. In this case, I believe that she had only been in the vicinity of a rabid dog, not bitten by one, but still... Consider this: once a human actually exhibits symptoms of rabies, there is no possibility of a cure and death is certain. What is more, death will be slow and painful. For these reasons, I decided not to risk it (even though there was no suggestion that the dog that bit me actual had rabies).

So, having completed the course, I would like to state in a public (and Googelable) forum that rabies injections aren't that bad. I'm not going to lie to you (would I?), they do sting a bit. My nurse decided that in her clinical opinion, the injections were best administered in my bum, in order that they be properly absorbed into the muscle (thanks Hev). It wasn't exactly like being kissed by butterflies, but it wasn't that bad. So if you think you may have been exposed to rabies, and are weighing up whether or not to get the injections, my advice is this: don't be such a ponce, get the jab to rule out the possibility (however slight) of a slow, painful death. Remember, once you're foaming at the mouth and in incredible pain, you can't just top yourself, it'd invalidate the life insurance...


Not everyone has the privilege of their Wife injecting them, That must have made it more bearable.
Anyway I am glad that you will not be coming home foaming at the mouth.

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