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Radio, blah blah...

28 July 2006 - 9:38pm -- Joseph

After a couple of abortive attempts this week and last, Hev and I appeared on local radio today. Genesis is friends with a journalism student by the name of Elvis, who is involved in student programming on the local CRTV (Cameroon Radio and TV) station.

We went up this morning, and he interviewed us on a half-hour slot called Social forum about the HIV/Aids problem here in Cameroon - live on air!

Afterward, we went to the Chief of Programs office, a very pleasant man who's full name I didn't get, but his first name was Robert. 'Call me Bob' he said.

Getting our feet under the desk

26 July 2006 - 9:43am -- Joseph

 So we've been here over a week now, and we're settling in nicely. We have our own desk-bench for two, which hev is very excited about (apparently she's never had her own desk before...) We're both trying to get our heads around exactly what we're going to be doing, and how we're going to do it. Hev's really going to have to start from scratch. HIV is apparently a pretty big problem here, but it's not a very visible problem, nor is it one which most people want to talk or think about.

Nous sommes arrives au Cameroun!

19 July 2006 - 8:45pm -- Joseph

We're in cameroon! Well, it was a pretty long journey (up at 4 in the morning at a Heathrow hotel, greeted by our lovely hosts at their/our new apartment in Buea, Cameroon at 8.30 in the evening - no time difference, Cameroon is GMT+1, i.e. British summer time...) but all in all a fairly hassle-free one. One of our flights was a little delayed, but we got through immigration no problem, and Genesis was there to greet us (and to help extricate us from the oh-so-helpful freelance porters who wanted money we didn't have).

AOL = Evil

22 June 2006 - 12:38pm -- Joseph

I've just come across an article entitled AOL wants to sell internet to the dead.

The gist of it is that someone's mother was killed in a car crash, they rang up to cancel their mother's AOL account, and just kept getting the 'what can we do to retain your custom?' spiel.

Don't these people listen? She's deceased, this here is an ex-AOL user.

Apparently they wanted the mother to cancel the account herself. The mind boggles.


Cameroon, here we come...

8 June 2006 - 4:09pm -- Joseph

As you may be aware, Heather and I are off to Cameroon for a year in July.

Why's that? I hear you say. Well, I'll tell you.

We're going to be volunteering for a small NGO called Helps international (Hint).

Hint's mission is to improve the social and economic well-being and health of the poor and underprivileged in the local society though education, skills development and job creation.

Wise rushes in where fools fear to tread

19 May 2006 - 9:33am -- Joseph

So Dennis Wise has agreed to become Swindon manager. This is pretty harsh on Iffy Onoura, who I think did a pretty good job considering we were rooted to the bottom of the league on the back of eight straight loses when he took over.

I can see why they've gone for Wise: big name, bums on seats, as Iffy said himself.

I can also see that Wise may (may) do a good job (he did alright at Millwall).

What I can't figure out is why on earth Wise would take the position...

Final Off Duty

17 May 2006 - 8:01pm -- Joseph

Here is the last instalment of my off duty before we go to Cameroon, eek!! We will still be in the country for about 2 weeks after we finish work.

22/5 - 26/5 Nights 27/5 DO 28/5 DO

29/5 DO 30/5 L 31/5 SD 1/6 E 2/6 EL 3/6 DO 4/6 DO

5/6 DO 6/6 E/L 7/6 E 8/6 L 9/6 EL 10/6 DO 11/6 DO

12/6 EL 13/6 DO 14/6 EL 15/6 Admin 16/5 DO 17/5 DO 18/6 EL

19/6 DO 20/6 N 21/6 DO 22/6 DO 23/6 N 24/6 DO 25/6 DO

26/6 - 2/7 AL

Photographic chronology of a family

10 April 2006 - 12:15pm -- Joseph

Thids is so cool! I just come a cross a link to a photographic chronology of a family - Diego Golberg takes a photo of each member of his family on June 17th every year. He started in 1976 (well, the photos on the site start then...) with himself and his partner/wife, and then children introduce themselves along the way. There's links on the page to other similar collections as well.