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Announcing Hev 1.7

5 April 2006 - 7:37pm -- Joseph

Hev had her long-awaited Pacemaker operation today. She is now home, slightly sore and reading endless text messages (thanks everyone for your messages...). All went well, it was under local anaesthetic, in fact, she was well 'ard, and didn't even have any sedation (she would like me to point out).

She's now on her seventh pacemaker, so out comes no. 6, the Guidant Pulsar max. II 1280, and in goes the Medtronic EnPulse e2dr01. There's no new features (as far as we know), but Hev says it is a lot smaller than the last one.

Road to Guatanamo

10 March 2006 - 1:37pm -- Joseph

I watched Road to Guatanamo last night. It's a fascinating first hand account of three (four, orginally, sadly) young British Asians getting caught up in US/British 'War on Terror'. It really exposes the knee-jerk, clumsy nature of the US/UK coalition's reaction in the wake of September 11th 2001 (No I won't call it 9/11, what's so special about November 9th anyhow?).

Off Duty

7 March 2006 - 11:38am -- Joseph

6/3 3-10:30 7/3 DO 8/3 SD 9/3 E/L 10/3 E/L 11/3 DO 12/3 DO

13/3 N 14/3 N 15/3 DO 16/3 DO 17/3 E/L 18/3 DO 19/3 DO

20/3 DO 21/3 E/L 22/3 E 23/3 DO 24/3 E/L 25/3 E 26/3 DO

27/3 DO 28/3 E/L 29/3 DO 30/3 SD 31/3 DO 1/4 10-6 2/4 DO

3/4 E/L 4/4 DO 5/4 Start of sick leave as I have a new pacemaker put in.


22 February 2006 - 1:29pm -- Joseph

Following on from my recent (moderate) success at snowboarding, I've been fancying have a go at skateboarding again. I skated loads as a kid, and though my balance was pretty good, I was never much cop as a skater, due to extreme cowardice (neither my shins or my ego could take the knocks).

I haven't skated at all for about ten years (apart from one ill-advised drunken nocturnal session about five years ago.)

Off Duty

3 February 2006 - 5:29pm -- Joseph

Here are my shifts for the next few weeks

6/2 L 7/2 8-4 8/2 DO 9/2 E/L 10/2 E/L 11/2 DO 12/2 DO

13/2 8-4 14/2 E 15/2 DO 16/2 SD 17/2 E/L 18/2 E/L 19/2 DO

20/2 SD 21/2 AL 22/2 E 23/2 E/L 24/2 AL 25/2 DO 26/2 E/L

27/2 E/L 28/2 N 1/3 DO 2/3 DO 3/3 DO 4/3 DO 5/3 DO


1 February 2006 - 8:25pm -- Joseph

We went Snowboarding last week, in Finnish Lapland, (well, I went Snowboarding, Hev went Skiing). IT was great fun, we went with a bunch of old friends of mine, and it was great to spend a week hanging out with them all (and nobody broke anything either - result!)

We had our own chalet between the 8 of us, which had it's own sauna. We drank beer, ate Reindeer (well, some of us) and wandered out onto the nearby frozen lake at night to see the northern lights. We actually saw them one night, which was awesome, Hev took some good photos, maybe she'll post them here at some point.

World Beard and Moustache Championships: Beard and Moustache Categories

19 January 2006 - 4:46pm -- Joseph

Hev sent me a link yesterday to the World Beard Championships. I don't know where she found it, (or what she was actually looking for) but it's very interesting, in a niche sort of way...

The page on Beard and Moustache Categories particulalry interested me. I knew there were a few different styles of beard, but I never dreamt there could be quite so many...

Big Ape seeks small-time vaudeville actress to share long walks, sunsets and slapstick comedy

16 January 2006 - 1:18pm -- Joseph

Went to see King Kong with my Dad this weekend. It was thoroughly entertaining, though not quite the work of genius that some have claimed, I'd say.

The over use of music in the first third gave it a cursory, this-is-the-build-up feel, like when the titles continue rolling for ten minutes in american dramas. Also, Jack Black stuck out like a sore thumb.

New Year Off Duty

2 January 2006 - 6:27pm -- Joseph

Happy new year!! Here is my new off duty for Jan.

2/1 DO 3/1 E/L 4/1 E 5/1 DO 6/1 N 7/1 N 8/1 N

9/1 N 10/1 N 11/1 DO 12/1 DO 13/1 DO 14/1 DO 15/1 E/L

16/1 DO 17/1 E/L 18/1 ADMIN 19/1 E/L 20/1 DO 21/1 DO 22/1 DO

1 Week Annual leave to go to Lapland!!

30/1 DO 31/1 E/L 1/2 E 2/2 SD 3/2 DO 4/2 DO 5/2 L