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Congratulations, Mr Evans

30 December 2006 - 5:10pm -- Joseph

I've just read on the BBC Oxford news pages that my old primary school headmaster, Huw Evans, has been given an OBE in the Queen's New Year Honours list. He's just recently retired from being Headmaster at Watchfield Primary School, where he'd been head for, I don't know, a loooong time.

I'm very happy for him, I have almost exclusively happy memories of him and my time there. I remember in my final summer there, there was daily badinage between him and the Australian contingent in our school (there were always Aussie at our school) about the Ashes which we were briefly reclaiming (sound familiar?). I hope this honour goes some way to easing the pain of the embarassing mauling that is the current Ashes tour.

So congratulations Mr Evans, I really have no idea what you're meant to call someone who has an OBE, but to me, you've always been Sir...


Hi Joseph, I was just googling Mr. Evans when your blog and congrats came up. I too was a student at Watchfield Primary School in the early 80s and a couple of years ago I was planning to go to london and I thought i'd check out Mr. Evans and the school and all. He had just retired and received the OBE. I got in touch with him, went to visit him and his wife. They took me on a tour of Watchfield and the school and the neighborhood where i used to live. I'm Egyptian by the way. I was just wondering when you were at the school. I remember there was a Joseph in my class, and a Joe, but I don't remember either of them was Australian :)
I just want to say that your note is really sweet and it brought back sweet memories.
best regards,

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