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Breaking and entering

16 February 2007 - 4:10pm -- Joseph

Well, Hev's had all the excitement with the snake yesterday, an interesting phone call:

Me: Hi honey

Hev: There's [traffic noise], not sure what to do?

Me: Sorry, what? Can't hear you...

Hev: SNAKE, there's a SNAKE...

Me: Oh right! I'll be right there, as soon as I find someone who owns a machete...

I didn't even get to se the Snake.

So today, it was my turn for the Indiana Jones experience. We managed to lock ourselves out of the house (one of the bolts dropped into place on it's own, grrr.....) So I had to figure out how to break into the house. It would be ironic if a local Buea burgular came into the HINT internet cafe and read how to break into our house on my blog, so I shan't give too many details, but let's say it involved a bit of climbing, and a lot of crawling through cobwebs.

I was torn betwen my fear of spiders and my schoolboy desire to play at spider-man, but luckily I didn't encounter any actual spiders, and did manage to access the house.

I think I've missed my vocation for cat burgulary. My diminutive frame and slender wrists are perfect for the job. I used to break into people's rooms at University (at their request, when they locked themselves out), as I was the only one who coud fit through the small windows above the doors.

Unfortunately I think I lost a friend forever when I broke into his room one weekend while he was away to borrow something. A terrible invasion of privacy which I would never dream of doing now, but I was young and naive... I don't think he ever forgave me for that, certainly we didn't remain friends for much longer...

There's a lesson there somewhere...

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