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This is a loooong and rather old list of useful links. 

News and Sport

Family and Friends


  • Before Thirty blog outlining one young man's quest to do stuff before he's thirty.
  • Blurbomat the Prince Consort of The Queen of Too-Much-Information
  • Dooce The Queen of Too-Much-Information
  • link-tastic blog
  • Nee Naw - blog of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for London Ambulance Service. Very interesting...
  • Siren Voices paramedic blog
  • Untold True Story some guy's blog in Canada (my brother-in-law's, friend's, ex-girlfriend's brother - really)


Film and Telly

General creative stuff


  • Foyer Du marin, Douala contact page for the Foyer Du marin, Douala
  • true story or urban legend? Check here before you spam all your mates.
  • Wikipedia just one of the best things ever (unless you're a teacher, and have to mark 36 wiki-plagiarised essays five nights a week...)
  • wikiquote A quote-focused wiki project, v. good.


  • Amazon UK For all your book/CD/DVD needs...
  • eBay ruination this way lies

Oxford links (are you local)

Funny, Intertesting, or maybe Just Plain Weird...

Web and IT stuff

Browser testing