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Half-time oranges

27 December 2006 - 3:39pm -- Joseph

We got back from Limbe yesterday, having spent Christmas day and boxing day on the beach. we had a nice time, though it didn't really beat being wit hfriends and family and eating a proper home-cooked roast!

We had a great time messing about in the spring water pool at Seme beach. It's very cold, but crystal clear, so you can see very well under water, without chlorine or salt stinging your eyes. Also, because it's really cold, if you get out and run immediately into the sea, the sea feels like a hot bath - great fun.

We were aware that we're approaching the half-way point of our time here, so today I decided t owork out exactly when the half-way point is, and it turns out, it's today!

Also, we went to renew our visas today, as we were only issued six-month visas from the Cameroon embassy in London.

The bad news is, it turns out you can't extend six-month visa, that's the longest visa there is (we were told differently before, ho-hum).

The good news is, we can apply for a two-year resident permit. How that's different from a visa I'm not sure, but it is...

The bad news is, these cost CFA250,000 (£250) a piece - eek!

The good news is, Genesis can apply for them on our behalf, and request that they be free of charge, as we are volunteers...

Hopefully, this will be successful, or we may have a problem...

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