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I Love Truck!

21 July 2008 - 4:59pm -- Joseph

It's that time of year again, and since biblical level floods were not forthcoming this year, Truck was on, and we went...

Truck is the best festival ever. Well not ever, but it's the best festival around these days. Not that I go to many others, so I have very little frame of reference.... but Truck's just so hassle-free. You turn up, people are friendly, getting around is easy, most of the bands are worth a go, and most important of all, you get the general feeling that people (bands, stall holders, organisers) are there because they want to be, rather than because they're being paid...

The catering was a little more varied this year (a little...), which was the one disappointing aspect last year.

My highlights:

Tommy Truax just like last year: weird, witty, beautiful - the man just makes you smile
The Nuns - all-girl cover band of 60's band The Monks, never heard of 'em but must now check them out...
Excellent hip hop DJ set whichI think was listed as the FOTB allstars, but I'm not sure that means much...
Evan Dando's solo down-tempo rendition of "Skulls" by the Misfits
Someone drunkenly pretending to be a Professor of Physics at Oxford University as justification for playing with fire (magic lanterns) - and getting away with it!
The rumour of the Market stage mystery guests being the Magic numbers actually turning out to be true (well, half of them anyway - made Heather's day, which is good enough for me...)
The weather - let's face it, after last year, if it got rained off this year, that'd probably be the that - but it was gorgeous!
and many other things...
A great time was had by all. Truck last year restored my faith in festivals, this year it simply restored my faith.

Roll on next year for our Truck hat-trick...

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