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Sun, sea and dead grilled stuff

9 October 2006 - 10:32am -- Joseph

Blimey, that last post was a bit soppy... Let's talk about football, grrr...

England: 0 - Macedonia: 0

Yeah, actually, let's not...

How about beer and meat? On Friday we took a walk up the hill to the Clark's Quarter, where they serve some excellent beer and meat. On the way we passed a white girl, which is a fairly rare occurance. She just looked at us deadpan and said 'whiteman': as succinct an expression of shared experience as I've ever encountered.

The weather's slowly improving so on Saturday we went down to the coast at Limbe. We went with Marceline Genesis and Naomi, it was Naomi's first real day out. We had grilled fish and prawns on the beach, by the fishing boats. The fish is nice and the prawns are great - CFA500 for a stick of five or six, mmmm.... Afterwards we went for a walk in the botanical gardens, which are beautiful, really nice. There's an amphitheatre built into rocks in a shady glade, with steep jungle behind it, the overall impression being quite atmospheric.

On our return journey we were stuck in a road block for half an hour as the road was closed so the Prime minister could pass, in his fifteen-car entourage. I'm glad those in power aren't abusing their position then...

I played football on Sunday, kicking off around eleven o'clock. The sun was shining and I was sweating before we even kicked off. Fortunately, the right-back I was up against was wearing a plastic rain coat in some crazy attempt to sweat off a fever. He didn't last too long, by which time the sun had gone in, which was a real relief. When it really heats up in January, then I'm really going to suffer...

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