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3 October 2006 - 4:35pm -- Joseph

At one of the conferences about IT in developing countries that Genesis has attended, he learned how to crimp heads onto ethernet cables. This isn't a practice I've ever given any thought to. However, we have five machines to get online, and a big box of cable, so it's time to learn...

We had a few false starts, mostly concerned with the order the eight wires should be placed into the head. Unfortuntely, if you get that wrong, that's that head done for, and it's off with yer 'ed:

debris from our crimping learning curve

It;s quite a fiddly process, especially for a beginner, and to be honest, I haven't really got the temperament for it (as anyone who's ever been in the room when I've had to use MS Word will know), but eventually we got it sussed, with help from this page of tips on crimping ethernet cables.

So on Friday I sat down and made up five cables. There was some false starts, there was some wasted cable, there was some strong language, but I didn't waste any heads - five for five baby!

I sat on the bench out front while I was doing them, to get some fresh air, and to avoid distrurbing the punters with my cursing. Workmen have been installing street lights on the centraql reservation down our road. On Friday they were messing around with the mains cables just in front of HINT as I sat their fiddling with ethernet cable. I know what they were thinking.

"That's not a cable mate, this is a cable..."

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