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Wireless audio - how to?

3 February 2013 - 8:52pm -- Joseph

I'm trying to improve the audio set-up in our house and cut down on the number of wires and cables trailing about the place. I'm trying to sort out some sort of wireless audio system (y'know, the typical geeky bloke dream of seamless music throughout the house.) I could buy one of those systems that seems to promise the earth like Sonos (which sounds pretty good), but to be honest I'm pretty close to having the set-up I want.  The one thing I need to be able to do is provide a wireless connection between an audio-out small jack in one room and an audio input into an amp in another room (the input into the amp is left/right stero leads, but I've got a small jack to stero lead already).

Anyone know how I might achieve this?

Obviously it's technically possilbe abd it's the sort of thing I figure you could get as a fairly cheap consumer item, but a quick googling around hasn't revealed anything.  Any suggestions?

I guess I could buy a wireless guitar lead set-up and a large jack to small jack converter, but that seems like quite an expensive solution, I was hoping for something cheaper (and do those things need battery? If it needs to be powered, I'd prefer mains).

So that's what I want, so hey internets, please solve my problem for me...


Submitted by Greg (not verified) on

Hi Joseph good idea to create a post like this to find a solution to your current problem, really. But I hope I'm not letting you down in saying that I don't know the exact solution to your question, but here to say you might just have revealed the solution yourself in this mini post you created. I mean you said you could just get a <a href="">Wikipedia</a><a href="">Wikipedia</a><a href="">Wireless music system,</a> you know some of these systems today allow you to stream your music collection direct from your Android Phone, iPhone and iPad. Some even have software that allows you to stream music from internet radio such as spotify etc. Sometimes its better to go with the wheel thats already been invented. I hope this helped in anyway. thanks

Submitted by HarryG (not verified) on

Hey man, I was just looking into this myself, and as any self-respecting man with a penchant for tech extravagances I want to get rid of all these f###ng wires that get caught in my feet and lead me to curse at my girlfriend for leaving her laptop on the floor plugged into the furthest socket in the room, just so she can check facebook AND watch jersey shore at the f####ng time, I mean what the hell, JS and FB?? You INSANE WOMAN??!! Anyway back to the point, so I've got this sweet soundsystem in the corner of my kitchen with a long audio input jack feeding out but it's really inconvenient, and what if you want to work on the pc AND listen to music in the kitchen?? WHAT THEN?? From what i understood your issue is similar to mine so I guess the solution is a wireless jack transmitter grouped with a wireless bluetooth receiver. They work exactly like a wireless usb bluetooth receiver/transmitter, so far it's the dream right? Plug your transmitter into any phone, laptop pc and go crazy!! Perfect for surprising chicks with like ''Oh shit, my flat is playing James Blunt, ON IT'S OWN, What's THAT about?? Huh?? Yeah you know what I'm talking about!! You dog!'' Only issue, this solution costs north of 100euros (or whatever currency you have wherever you are), unless your soundsystem has it's own bluetooth receiver (I may be mistaken, but I don't think think that's a very common feature yet).
NOW you could go with what I'm currently trying to set up. That's have your sound system hooked up to your pc in your room, and set up a system allowing you to access your computer remotely from either laptop or tablet (splashtop android is working relatively well at the moment). Or if you're a bit techier than me (and have too much time on your hands) you could couple wun ov doze Arduino watchamacallits, with like a wifi receiver and BOOM!! A little (lot) of programming/ hacking, you've got yourself a box that receives music and feeds it through a jack to your boombox!!
So anyway let uz know about your findings and/or achievements mate, have a good one you slick SOB!!

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