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2 October 2006 - 11:50am -- Joseph

Fairly early on in our stay in Buea, we came a cross a shop that sold cheap spirits. We call it the grumpy shop, because they're never that friendly in there, I think it's because they have a concrete floor and they think they're all that. Amongst the cheap booze was a bottle of Whisky for CFA2,000 - two quid. Obviously such a drink is not going to be the smoothest, but it intrigued me, so on Saturday I bought a bottle.

It was, predictably enough, nasty. But, with a little of it added into coke... it was still nasty. I'm going to keep hold of it until next year when my parents come out. Hopefully dad will bring me out some Talisker (king of whiskies) and we can compare and contrast. Blind tasting session probably unnecessary.

Also on Saturday, we decided to make prawn crackers. They sell them in the local bakery, which sells all sorts of things you wouldn't expect to find in Buea.

we heated up a pan of oil, I chucked them in a few at a time, and Heather fished them out again. They expand and curl really quickly, in just a second or two, I never realised it was that fast. It's fun to watch (apart from the occassional spitting of hot fat).

They turned out really nice, just like in a restaurant (well, almost). We fried up the whole packet and we all sat down with them (and my four-star and coke) and watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. We had the English voice over-dub and the English subtitles on, just to make it easier to follow, but I actually found it really distracting, because I kept trying to listen and read at the same time and the translations are different!

apart from that though, we had a nice little Chinese-themed evening in. Now, if I can just get hold of some ground cumin, fresh coriander and a couple of bottles of Cobra...


Know what you mean about 'Crouching Tiger...' - recently bought it on dvd, sat down to watch it and wondered why it was in English - 'wasn't it in Mandarin when I saw it at the cinema!'. Pressed the subtitle button, and much confusion followed...

Glad to hear you're both still enjoying your 'African Adventure'!

Yep, generally I prefer watching non-English films in the orginal language with English subtitles, (which you can do on the 'Crouching Tiger...' DVD), but I never realised how distracting *both* would be...

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