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D'ya get me?

9 August 2006 - 5:31pm -- Joseph

We've met a lot of really nice people here, and have become friendly with a few. I'm sure in time we'll make some good friends here, but because we're from different cultures, establishing an understanding wil ltake some time.

I'm realising just how important it is to have people around that understand where you're coming from. It's quite a fundamental thing. Right now I'm missing being able to chew stuff over (and maybe moan) with friends who know what you're on about.

Of course, Hev and I have a great understanding (the woman's an absolute star - we're together almost 24/7 at the moment - that's alot of Joe, have some sympathy for the girl.) But I'm missing having a wider network of friends.

I guess that's why blogs are popular. I know some people think blogs are essentially narcissistic (and there can be an element of that), but I think a more fundamental element is that of reaching out; of putting something of yourself out there, in the hope that others will respond and get what you're on about.

It's an artistic impulse: to create something that in some way represents you and expresses your view of the world. Not that I'm saying that blogs are art, though why not? I think 'is it art' is the wrong question anyway. 'Is it any good?' is the more important question.

In other words: 'd'ya get it?'...


I get you...about blogs. Many of us have things to say, and blogging seems at the very least a harmless enough way to say them. (And who cares about narcissism, anyway? There are much better examples of it than bloggers.) I want to write and blogging is an enjoyable way to do it. Even if only one person is reading it, my fantasies help me imagine that many, many more MIGHT least someday.

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