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Name that kitten in one

27 May 2008 - 4:58pm -- Joseph

This weekend Hev and I will be taking delivery of two ten-week-old kittens. They're both female (we think, apparently it's difficult to tell when they're that small...)

We've been thinking of getting kittens for a while; since we were in Cameroon in fact. At that time I promised Didimus that we'd name a cat after him when we got one (it's only fair, he allowed us to name his first born son...)

Only trouble is, it looks like both kittens are girls...

Can you name a girl cat Didimus?

So please help me, I need:

suggested female versions of the name 'Didimus'
suggested names fo female cats in general...
Names shouldn't be too obvious, cultural references are welcome, but on no account do we want pairs of names; calling them Zig and Zag would be very cute, but it's just asking for one of them to be run over...

All (quality) suggestions welcome...


How about Didima...of just Diddy, which sounds a bit more feminine...unless of course she ends up the size of ours and then she is open to cruel jokes...

Make sure you call them something 'normal'...take heed of John rather than something like Miss Snugglepuss and something that you don't mind shouting out of the front door when they go exploring!!!

I just tried out, and I'm sure you'll agree, they seem to have come up with the goods:

the first page of results had 'Snootchie Pootchie' and 'Snugglepuss'.


BTW, will these cats be appearing on the infinite cat project? Was this the main reason for getting them?

Thanks Rich, not really passing the 'shouting it from the front door' test there, I feel...

Kittens will not be allowed anywhere near my nice new iMac until toilet-training is complete...

Why don't you just pretend they are boys anyway - chances are one of them might be! I vote for Didimus and Montgomery (shortened to Monty for door calling purposes). Morris is very much looking forward to eating (sorry MEEting) his new cousins.

I suggested to Heather on facebook that you name the cutest cat "Ann." But if that doesn't suit you, here are other suggestions: Tex; Madonna; Paris; London; Callie; Katie or Kate. I could go on & on.....All of these have been the names of cats I've known & loved. Or was it DOGS? (or people??)

Petronus is good, after all he was the 'Arbiter' the judge and last court of appeal?

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