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30 August 2006 - 4:11pm -- Joseph

We got post!

There are quite a few packages we've been waiting for, so we've been going to the Post Office once a week, each time to be greeted by an entirely empty PO Box.

Then today...

Five packages!

They're all stamped with 28th August, Douala, so either they all arrived at once in Douala (which is unlikely since some packages were posted several weeks apart), or they've all been sitting around in Douala for weeks. I suppose they do periodic shipments up from Douala to Buea.

Five packages! All at once! Even the Amazon CD I order has arrived unscathed (though it did take nearly six weeks...). I'm importing it into iTunes as we speak (Hitchhiker's Duide to the Galaxy soundtrack, since you asked...) Nanu's package was among those that arrived (thanks Nanu!), and also seemed to be the cheapest package to send (~ $1.50 Australian Dollars, which is what, 60p?). Maybe the Aussie postal system isn't so shabby after all, eh Nanu? Of course, I don't think he's got my package yet, but that could be the fault of either postal system.

We're very chuffed with our bumper mail bag, so a big Thank You to everyone who's sent us stuff, it is much appreciated (especially when it arrives all at once, it's like Christmas, only without the hangovers...)


Hope that book arrived ok - sure it will bring you hours of fun ;-) I'll think of something more exciting to send you next time!!

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