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12 September 2006 - 3:53pm -- Joseph

I haven't posted for a while, the reason being that I haven't done anything, as I've had a stinking cold, and have mostly been hanging around the house in my pygamas, or shuffling zombie-like (everybody together - uuuuueergh) up to the office, to sit in front of my machine, unable to string together a coherent...

But enought whinging. Still nothing to report though, (apart from Hev's nylon hair transplant, which I shan't dwell on), so instead here's some questions, and I want ANSWERS people:

  1. George Clooney is bankable Hollywood actor with excellent screen presence (and one of the few people that Hev will admit to finding attractive), so why does he almost never appear in good films (is he allergic)?
  2. What is the origin of Henry Rollins' dancing cyclops tribal figure tattoo? You know, this one:
    Henry Rollins' dancing cyclops tribal figure tattoo
  3. Anyone know where I can get open source / copyright free IT training materials (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, etc.)

Answers on a comment...


1) Well to quote George in an interview with Larry King:

You know, I had a run of doing some really bad films -- or being really bad in some not very good films. And then I thought, OK, well if I'm going to be held responsible for the films that are being made, because now I'm not just an actor in a film, I'm now green lighting a film.

So if I'm going to be responsible not just for my performance, but for the film, then I've got to pick better. And if I'm going to fail, then I'll fail on my own taste. And the first film I did after that was "Out of Sight" and "Three Kings" and "O Brother" and I felt like, OK, at least I'm picking OK, the screen plays. Because screen plays are the only thing that make you a better actor, is a good screen play.

2) Haven't got a clue.


1. I don't disagree with you about Clooney, but he did win an Oscar last March for his performance in Syriana! And Good Night, and Good Luck received numerous nominations.
2. Uhh...
3. Uhh...(again)

Yep. I'm not saying he hasn't been in any good films - O Brother Where Art Though was fantastic - it 's just that he's been in some real stinkers.

Batman and Robin is without doubt the worst film I've ever paid to see in the cinema (never mind the five quid, I want my two hours back). Not George's fault, I blame Arnie.

Agreed. In pondering this question further, I'm wondering if George has identity issues. I don't think he's been very sure of what kind of actor he wants to be. Right now he's on a "serious" kick, ie. Syriana & Good Night. He gets a lot of press, here at least, for his political stances. Though he pretends not to, he seems to be taking himself VERY seriously.

2. Knew I'd seen that somewhere else, scoured my brains, and eventually remembered: on a T-shirt worn by a member of Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element. See, 2nd image in 2nd row. Unfortunately that doesn't help identify the source, as when I saw them play I thought to myself "Hmm, I recognise that symbol, but can't quite place it". Quite the mystery this one. It is doubtless obvious. It's one of Henry's earlier ( tattoos.

Cheers JC, that's nailed it. It also explains the Nick Cave connection (there's a Bad Seeds live album sleeve where an audience member has the same tattoo).

Ann, I'm not sure that being vocal about your political views equates to taking yourself seriously.


I don't know if the tattoo is because of EN or not. But I do know it is a very old and very real Toltec Cave drawing that Blixa Bargeld of EN got from a book. For the record the Toltec Empire was located in central Mexico and has absolutely nothing to do with Stonehenge at all. If you're going to tell somebody something as fact please get your facts straight.

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