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That'll Learn 'em (I hope)

6 November 2006 - 5:19pm -- Joseph

Last week I began teaching the three week Introduction to Web Design course that I've written for Hint. I've had a few moments of blank faces, some students with heavy eyelids, and one half-hour powercut, but all in all it's going pretty well so far.

We had a few students wanting to enroll two or three days into the course, which wasn't going to fly - I've trouble enough accomodating the range of prior knowledge and working speed in the group as it is. At least there's demand for the course though, so it looks like I'll be teaching it again soon (after I've done a few minor alterations to the material based on my experience this time)

Teaching is hard work! It's a long time since I've taught for more than an hour at a time. I'm only doing three hours a day, but it's all in one go, and pretty hard work. I'm glad I took time to write the material myslef though, it really helps knowing the material well - I'm not as adept at winging it as some people I know (and hats off to 'em).

We've done the basics of HTML, and tomorrow we're on to CSS, which can be a bit tricky, so let's hope it continues to go well...


When you're done, can you teach me CSS?
I'm fine with multi-threaded ASP.Net applications, just some how always seems to forget what to do when it comes to CSS.

Anyway, good luck with the teaching, hope it all goes well. I always find that plenty of practical excercises mixed in with the blurb helps combat the heavy eyelid syndrome.

P.S. On a completely different topic, have you seen the news? Sturrock's replaced Wise

When I've finished the course, I'm going to do some re-writes, then I'll put the PDF up for download. It only covers the basics of CSS though, which I'm sure you know.

I knew Sturrock was on the verge of signing, but connection's been down all day, only just got back online. I'm cautiously optimistic about Sturrock, he seems to have his head screwed on, and has a pretty good record in the lower leagues.

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