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Waterfalls: good, Rainfall: baaaad...

25 November 2006 - 6:21pm -- Joseph

Hev's parents have been here this week, I think they're having a good time and adjusting okay, they were slightly taken aback, as we were, by the general standards of road safety (there isn't any). other than that, it's been good.

We've been visiting various places. We started off with Buea, visiting various places to do with projects we are working on. We went up to Buea Town, at the top of Buea, to get a good view of buea. While we were up there, we went to see the Bismark fountain, which was built by the Germans, is listed on an intinery for some over-priced tour of Buea, but no-one local has ever seen or heard of. We tracked it down, and it was, how can I put this delicately - rubbish.

A post with a bad portrait of some moustachioed German geezer, and no water. Some fountain...

On wednesday we went to see some waterfalls North of Buea. Now these were worth seeing. We got slightly fleeced by the locals (naturally) but then, it is their waterfall, and their only source of income, by the looks of it.

The falls were used in the film Tarzan: Legend of Greystoke - there's even a fallen tree across the top of the falls to grab at the last moment, just like the movies! We got to stand right at the top of the falls, though Hev's parents wouldn't let me walk across the tree trunk. Would've been a really good view (though a little scary).

We went to Limbe on Thurday and Friday, stayed a night at the Seme Beach Hotel, which was very nice , except that it we had an unexpected heavy downpour just as we were heading to the beach, grrr...

Today, Hev and her parents went up the mountain, to hut one and the savannah, which is a fair climb, without going all the way up. I was due to go too, but have a stinking cold which I'm trying to shake, so I gave it a miss.

I'm feeling better for the rest, so hopefully I'll be fine to appreciate next week's delights: the beach and waterfalls at Kribi...

Also, I've had no comments, spam or otherwise, since I added the antispam-number requirement to the comment form, so could anyone tell me, is this because:

  1. my posts aren't comment-worthy
  2. can't be bothered to comment now you have to copy and paste something
  3. it doesn't work

If it's A or B, there's nothing I can do (this is as interesting as it gets, I'm afraid...) if it's C, then I'll need to rethink, though I have tested it, so I rather think dullness is the problem...


Well, Joe, I'm sampling your Comments Procedure, to see if I have any complaints. I'll let you know!

Glad to hear you're having a good visit with the Astburys. But Margaret can get pretty rowdy at times, so watch out.

We did have a wonderful time. Beautiful country,good company, what more do you need?

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