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Waza, Here We Come!

17 March 2007 - 9:52am -- Joseph

We're off to see Waza tomorrw. I know what you're thinking: why have they suddenly decided to stalk Manchester United and England's Shrek-look-alike non-scoring striker, and if they're coming back to England, why haven't they called? I understand your confusion, but no, the Waza in question is Waza national park; Cameroon's premier (only?) Safari desination and excuse for the above poor gag.

Waza is up in the Extreme North Province which, as its name suggests, is about as far away from us here in the South West as you can get in Cameroon. The journey will take two days, involving various buses, an overnight train journey and hiring a 4x4.

We're taking Didimus with us, partly to say thank you for all he's done for us (he's almost as ga-ga as Hev about seeing wildlife) and also to help us with francofone communcation and prevent us getting ripped off.

It's going to be a bit like going to a foreign country; they say Cameroon is a mini-Africa because of the variety of climate and landscape. We will be heading out of temperate, fertile volcano-perched town and up to the dry, dusty north. I guess we'll finally get to see something of the common cliche of Africa: sparse open Savanna dotted with villages. Or not. We'll see...


Joe, that'll be an exciting and tiring trip as well. It is also really warm up north and quite different from the South West province.

I am sure you'll enjoy it and with Didimus along you'll be fine with communication.

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