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4 September 2006 - 5:11pm -- Joseph

We had a moderately busy weekend, particularly by our own current a standards, as weekends are sometime rather quiet round here. On Friday afternoon, there was a march in Buea. The Tole Tea workers were striking, as they haven't been paid for some time (some say a week, a month, a year - no idea what the truth of it is).

They were marching down the main road down the mountain, passed our office. Most were just chanting or sining, but some were throwing stones and smashing up signs and stalls. Because that will cause them to get paid quicker. They pulled down the HINT sign outside the office and were throwing stones. For a minute or two it was a bit scary, and we locked ourselves in the offce (everyone, not just us), but then the supply of morons dried up.

It was quite strange, one minute we were locked in the office, peering slightly nervously out the windows, minutes later, Sheila was greeting friends who were marching, and the atmosphere returned to the usual relaxed Buea nature (mostly...).

After all that excitement, we decided a drink was in order, so we went to our local over the road. We had one drink and were heading home, when we bumped into Ameila, so we ended up going to another bar. Generally, we've only had one or two beers when we've gone out for a drink. Principally, this is because most bars don't have toilets, which has a way of curtailing drinking sessions. I've got rather used to having one drink, and has somewhat confirmed a suspicion long held that it's all about the relaxing effect of one-pint, and everything after that just wastes money, makes you fat and earns you a hangover. Sage wisdom indeed, but it all went out the window as we sat with Amelia for several hours and drank ate and chatted. We were in the Merry Corner Snack bar, the snacks in question being whole grilled fish which you eat with your fingers, a process aided by the alcohol, but hindered by the lack of light. Also, the Merry Corner Snack bar does have a toilet, it turns out, though that is also hindered by bad lighting (though that's more a problem for Hev than it is for me...)

On Saturday we got up leisurely and discovered that hangovers aren't neatly as much fun without access to hot showers. In the afternoon we meandered back the first bar from Friday night, not for more beer, but because we'd noticed on Friday that a South African sports channel was going to be showing the England match. Usually when we go in there, the owner changes the channel to CNN, for our benefit, I think (which I wish he wouldn't because generally I've got no desire to watch tv, especially not one delivering news I've already heard, only this time with an American accent getting all the place names wrong ). So we figured that getting England match would be a safe bet, and when we went in a few minutes after kick off, they we already watching it - result! It was quite strange watching an England game in a foreign country (though I've done it before - I dragged Hev to watch an England qualifier in a bar in Thailand on our honeymoon, kick-off midnight local time - she was very good about, isn't she a darling?) The locals were amused watching the usually quite whiteman shouting at the telly and cheering when we scored (which was quite alot - the most ridiculously one-sided match I've ever seen England play - normally they contrive to make hard work of it, not matter how poor the competition. No this isn't an admission that McClaren was right about Beckham, even against such poor opposition, Lampard failed to justify his place, maybe he could have done with Beckham in the squad to put pressure on the other senior midfielders. Gerrard was outstanding on the right, but I'd still have played Gerrard in the middle with Hargreaves and put Lennon on the right, who was exhilarating when he came on, but what do I know? Is this the longest set of parentheses ever?)

So we had fun watching the footy, though at one point the owner switched the channel to the French game, apparently to please us (does he think we're French?) but Hev shouted at him (along with some of the locals) so he switched it back.

After the match we wandered back to the house to await Genesis' arrival back from the states. He turned about n hour later, and much excitement ensued. Obviously, everyone was pleased to see him again, as it's been a month. In addition, he brought back so much stuff with him! He left here with two (admittedly rather full) carrier bags plus a laptop bag for luggage. He returned with ONe huge suitcase, and two equally big holdalls! Many things are difficult and/or expensive to buy here, so Genesis took advantage of his trip to the states. He brought us back a headset, so that we'll be able to Skype people (so if you have a Skype account, drop me a line...) He also got a data projector and a DVD player. Home Cinema! Except that he got a region 1 DVD player, and we only have about 3 region 1 discs with us - anyone know how to crack a ToshibaSD-K760 SU?

So Saturday night was a busy one in our household, and just as the excitement was dying down, jetlag kicking in and everyone was preparing for bed (at about 11 0'clock) there was a knock at the door. Genesis' mother, sister and nephew had come to visit! Apparently they'd tried to call, but someone had a wrong mobile number or something. They too arrived with a a lot of stuff, including two sacks of corn, a whole branch of a plantain tree and a chicken in a basket. A live chicken. Photographic evidence to appear on Hev's blog at some point soon, I'm sure.

Most of Sunday was dedicated to trying various combinations of DVD player/ laptop/ data projector/amplifier to be able to watch DVD's, with mixed results. we ended up watching Finding Nemo. Again. So we had a pretty busy weekend, and now have a fairly full household, though I think various people will come and go across the next week.

We'll have to wait and see what the week will hold...


Wot no mention of Swindon Town? They'll be crap again when ypu get back.

Cheers Steve, doesn't work though...

Clare, Hev's hair? No comment...

Adam, when did you post that comment? Look what you've done now, we've gone and lost...

Kate, give me a break, I've had a cold my brains not working properly, and don't whine...

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