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Intermittent showers

21 October 2006 - 6:29pm -- Joseph

I've had a tricky time taking showers lately (maybe that's why the programming's not going so well?) The shower always has to be coaxed into working, and for the last few weeks, I've had to shower with one leg up on the side of the bath, to prevent my scabby knee getting wet (I'm I painting an appealling picture here?).

This week, the water pressure has been up and down, so trying to get yourself quicky wet, to get over the shock of the cold water has been tricky, especially with trying to keep my knee dry.

On Thursday night it got yet more interesting. I played football early evening (missed a sitter again, man...) had a quick beer (CFA500 a pint - 50p, great....) then went home. I needed to get home before the water went off, which it usually does late evening.

Got home just before it started raining, water was still on - result.

Got the shower going - excellent.

Water pressure not great - ah well...

By this time there's quite a storm blowing, and once I'm in the shower, the lights go out. Hmmm....

Hev comes to my rescue with a torch, but by now the water has reduced to a drizzle. In fact, I'm getting wetter from the rain coming through the window than I am from the shower. It's blowing a gail out there, and the blind from the window is whipped up over the shower curtain, leaving me wrapped in parts of both.

Eventually I managed to rinse to get showered, with Hev shining a torch on me the whole time.

It was definitely a tricky showering experience. I thought it was quite funny, though Hev was mildly traumatised. She hates storms, due to almost being crushed by a tree in the storms of '87, and someone (mentioning no names, Richard) convincing her as a child that her pacemaker made her a four-foot nothing lightning rod in Mickey Mouse shoes.

So there we go, I get myself in a mess, Hev saves the day once more - business as usual.


And it turns out that there was an element of truth in what I said. Lightening strikes can cause pacemaker failure. According to this article anyway:

So if I were you Joe, I wouldn't stand anywhere near her during an electrical storm - should could explode.

Yes, but pacemakers don't *attract* lightning, that's the point. I think we can take it as read that if Hev get's hit by lightning she's in trouble, she may also explode, which would be trouble for me as well...

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