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Hat trick!

1 November 2006 - 2:54pm -- Joseph

No, I haven't finally got amongst the goals big-style (I wish), well done to Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney for doing just that though. That showed 'em - the boy is awesome (sorry man, he's 21 now you know ).

No, my hat trick is of a different nature. Last week, my knee healed up properly, so on Sunday I played with my knee uncovered for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long. So ten minutes into the first half - you guessed it: got all over-excited, lunging tackle and scr-aaape. Excatly the same point as before, not quite as deep, but bigger, and quite a bit of blood!

So now it's daily dressings for a week - for the third time.

Not funny any more.






Good thing you're married to a nurse. Or does she make you do the dressings yourself?

You just can't resist can you?
Maybe you should restrict the sliding tackles to astro-turf instead of rocky outcroppings, or better still, just leave them to the experts

Ann - not yet, but she is getting a bit tired of it...

Stevie J - oi! You're more injury-prone than I am (and I won't comment on your tackle in a public forum)

Well Jim, that's a good question (nice to hear from you from beyond the grave, by the way, I'm a great admirer of your work, how are things?)

I could go for Animal, as I'm a drummer, but I don't really fit the typical devil-may-care drummer mould.

I could go for Fozzie, because of constant faled attempts at humour, and of course, Kermit *is* awesome.

But really, I think I'd have to go for Gonzo (though the reference on Wikipedia to his romantically pursuing Camilla the chicken did put me off slightly).

Which Muppet are you? Well, it is Friday, anyone care to tell?

Great photo, looks like you've got some brains coming out of there.

I posted a supply of dressings yesterday for M+M to bring to you when they come. Looks as thought you will need them. But they do not include skin grafting equipment.

DO you want me to find some ointment which is basically externally applied asprin? Promotes healing but isn't antibiotic so doesn't build resistance. Recommended by a vet in Kiribati.

Sounds good if you can get it Paul, though I'm a bit unsure about using stuff recommended by a vet...

I've had worse grazes falling out of my chair in the Club after a match.

I have actually. Stu Reid will tell you the story one day...

Yes Martin, but I'm not about to compare injuries with someone who can sustain a serious eye injury while taking a shower - hard water?

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