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You're the one for me, fatty

3 February 2008 - 11:56am -- Joseph

When the new ipod nanos were launched last year, the initial reaction in our office was much the same as elsewhere: yuk, they've squashed the ipod. My friend Andy described them as like 'seeing a cute girl you used to know that got fat'. Andy's a sensitive kind of guy. In short, the new Nano was a fatty.

However over Christmas I got to see one in the flesh and discovered that square-ish they may be, but fat they ain't. Clearly Apple's release photos didn't do them justice (probably shooting them straight on was a mistake, as you didn't get to see how thin they were.)

Designing for mobile devices

2 January 2008 - 5:03pm -- Joseph

Happy New Year!

With the release of the iPhone last year, is 2008 going to be the year that web designers start taking designing for mobile devices seriously?

Who knows (I hope so), but here's an interesting article on A List Apart about designing for mobile devices.

I haven't read it thoroughly yet (I'm posting it here so I don't forget about it) but he seems to have a handle on the key issues...

Photo Chronology of a Family

6 November 2007 - 11:17pm -- Joseph

A few months before we went to Cameroon (which seems a loooong time ago now), I wrote a blog post about a Diego Goldberg's photo chronology. Diego has been photographing his family on one day every year since 1976. I said at that time that we'd start doing this. We picked our date as October 1st (the day Hev and I got together, just so you know) and took photos last year (in Cameroon) and this year (in a rainy car park a day after coming home from Oktoberfest).

On the Move...

5 November 2007 - 9:24pm -- Joseph

I've been very busy recently (hence no posts), for various reasons, one being we're trying to sell our house. After nothing happening for months, we suddenly got a reasonable offer, which we gladly accepted.

So that's one half of the process moving along, now we have to find a house...

Homeless for Christmas anyone?

Minor Redesign

4 November 2007 - 9:19pm -- Joseph

I did a temporary design for this site last year, to accompany the code rebuild and unsurprisingly it turned out to be not-so-temporary. So today I thought I'd sit down and do a little redesign. I know the new design isn't earth-shatteringly interesting either (or indeed that different from the previous one), but it's a little closer to the look and feel I'd like to achieve. So anyway, there it is...