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Truck on!

24 September 2007 - 2:15pm -- Joseph

We went to the rescheduled Truck Festival this weekend, which got flooded off in July. Truck is in it's tenth year, but we were Truck virgins. I've not been to a festival, basically because I'm very very lazy, but also because I started to think that they were more trouble than they were worth: you never get to see he bands that you want, it takes forever to get around, blah, blah blah...

Problems with png colour fidelity in IE

13 September 2007 - 9:56am -- Joseph

Apologies for two geeky posting on the trot, but if I don't blog solutions to problems when I find them, I end up having to search for them again sometime down the road...

I recently encountered a problem with the colour fidelity of a png image when displayed in IE - the background colour of the image was the same as the background colour of the surrounding background of the HTML element, but the two didn't match up.

This confused me for a while, on making inquiries to colleagues and Google, I worked out the following:

Shiny New Toy!

10 September 2007 - 5:01pm -- Joseph

Warning: geek-out ahead.

When I returned to work, I was due a new machine, and Said I'd like a Mac. This doesn't always go down to well, as they cost a little more, are harder to support, blah blah blah... So I wasn't sure they'd give me one. So imagine my mild surprise and great delight when the answers was 'that's fine, would you like to wait until the new iMacs come out?'

Frozen Fashion

29 August 2007 - 5:07pm -- Joseph

Whilst on holiday with friends last week, we had a fancy-dress evening for our friend Steve's birthday. the theme this year was reverse your age; Steve was turning 27 so had to dress as 72, etc. etc... Oddly, Steve wife is 23 and I'm 32, so we swaped ages (though not clothes, I should point out, it wasn't that sort of party.)...

It was quite fun, my attempt at dressing like a 23-year-old wasn't nearly as interesting as those who were gaining 50 or 60 years though...

Help with IE CSS bugs

15 August 2007 - 11:54am -- Joseph

I've been struggling with Web Designer's age old problem again this week: how to work around Internet Explorer's inability to understand various valid CSS rules correctly.

It looks like we're heading for a nother few years of fun on this now that IE7 is out with some stuff fixed, other stuff not (though to be honest I'm not very up on the IE7 situation...). This leaves me scrabbling around for machines that still have IE6 on to test with, because most machines around hre now have IE7 running, but IE6 is still very popular in general...


25 July 2007 - 6:04pm -- Joseph

Last Friday Hev and I went with Hev's parents to the Lion Inn in Suffolk for a 'Starters and Puddings' evening. The idea is that it's a four-course meal, consisting entirely of starters and puddings, so you can have two of each, three starters, one pud, four puds, whatever you like.


Also, you order one course at a time, so you can check out what everyone else had last time.

Double genius!!

Hev and I both had three starters and one dessert, as everyone knows that starters are the best bit.